Friday, April 14, 2017

Bahamas...Day 6

Bonefish, skiffs, tides, flies, conch fritters, sharks, rum, flats and more bonefish.  We've had a good run and today feels like a gravy day.  After yesterday, all that is left is taking a deep breath and soaking it all in until we can come again.

I am happy that was my attitude going into today because we got beat down.  Badly.

The sun was up and the light was good.  On the first flat I jumped out of the boat and climbed through the mangroves to get some shots of CA and Ezra working.  Back on board, I gave the bow a turn and came up blank.  CA had a few really good shots at some fish but they were not having it.  It seems they must have chowed down too much yesterday.  They'd track the fly and then turn away.  I had my best shot at a triple working through some sparse mangroves.  The lead fish sped up and tipped down and when I strip set I watched the fish turn and swim away.  Meanwhile I felt tension on the line and for the second time in two days found myself attached to a little fish the locals call a shad.  It ate before the bonefish could and the bone simply admitted defeat and swam away.

In the afternoon, the tide was high into the mangroves and we weren't seeing many fish.  CA spotted one that was creeping around at the edge of the mangroves and tried to get it to eat.  It simply moved 5 feet back into the roots and hung out, which makes for terrible fly fishing but decent photography.  I stood next to CA on the bow and rattled off 30 shots with my camera.

By late afternoon it was obvious what kind of day we were going to end up with.  On deck, Ezra pointed out a fish and I attempted to shoot the line and fly the necessary 50' but watched a gust of wind dismantle the cast mid-shoot.  The fly and line crumpled way short and way to the left.  The fish started moving and I sent another cast out, this time it unrolled but was still 12' to the left.  Ezra said, "leave it."  The water was deeper there and bottom was dark.  Ezra said, "Short strip."  The next moment the rod was bouncing and line was flying and it was one of the most disconnected eats I had ever played a part in.  I really had no idea what was going on.

We landed the only Bonefish of the day, tried one more flat and then beat feet back to the dock to pour a Kalik into our wounds.  Somebody said something about "that's why they call it fishing and not catching..."

With the warm sun slowly dropping it was Rum and Cokes and laughs and then some packing.  Dinner was delicious as always (Thanks Kay and Cil!)  Sidney laid out some logo'd shirts for CA and I to pick through and we each selected one.

I sat in a presentation a year or so ago, given by Jeff Currier (Google him if you don't know who he is) and he said something along the lines of this:  If you book a trip for 5 days, expect 1 great day, 1 terrible day and 3 days of something in between.  It seems that Mr. Currier was right.  Luckily there is more to a fishing trip than just catching fish.

Many thanks first and foremost to my family for letting me go on these adventures.  I will always return a better man.

A hearty thanks to CA for being the guy he is.  Fishes hard, is one of the most positive people on the earth and as authentic and equitable as they come.  Always a pleasure man.

Finally my sincere thanks to the gang at the lodge, Sidney, Ezra, Greg, Kay and Cil.  A home away from home, but with better bonefishing.

Until next time.

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