Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sneaking out

I made a deal with the mother of my children tonight..."I'll take them to the park until 7:15 and then I'm going to sneak out." She gave me a knowing look but asked anyway, "Where are you going?". I gave her the "knowing look" right back, "Fishing". I was hoping to find bluegills in the shallows. And I did...sort of. I missed a few fish but landed 1 Largemouth, 1 Walleye and this:

Now I need to find out where the rest of them are...

I just buy them at the craft store

I've been looking for a case to carry my reels in. When I fly I carry them on the plane housed in their fancy schmancy cloth or neoprene cases...but I worry. I've had my eye out for a solution to this little problem. I've looked in shops and online but I always end up viewing a 10 compartment reel case that costs $79.00...

I've been looking for a smaller that hold 4 reels or so...
I found one and here it is:

$7.89 from Target. It's a softsided insulated/padded lunch box.

Getting itchy

Last week I was itching to sight fish, with visions of sand flats stuck in my head. On the way to the local state park with my wife and two daughters I grabbed the 7 and a box of bonefish flies...what the heck. Once the kids were safely on the swings and slides (conveniently located near the waters edge) I grabbed the seven and walked to the beach. A pile of rocks at the end of the beach seemed a good place to climb up and take a peek.
The minute I was up, a largemouth left the cover of the shoreline and sauntered toward deeper water. I pasted a quick cast, it turned, keyed on the fly and sped up (strip, strip...leave it, leave it) the largemouth tilted up and took my fly off the bottom lust like a bonefish...strip set. Fish on. No, it didn't peel 200 yards of backing of my reel, but the events leading up to the hook sit: pure flats fishing.
My lovely wife, saw the fish and asked for a turn with my fly rod.
My turn to play guide.
Peering through the surface glare with my polarized glasses as we scrambled across the top of the rocks, a second bass peeled off the shore just like the first. "35 feet, a little further...drop it", I was doing my best Bahamian guide imitation. "Strip...drop your rod tip...strip...short strip". The largemouth turned, tracked the fly, tilted up, opened it's mouth... "Set! You've got him!" ....and she did.

Largemouth Bonefish (note the bonefish fly in his lip)

Daughter one - strikes a pose


While I was away, I got an email from the Bear's Den fly shop in Taunton, MA:
Wednesday's May 12th - ???
Starting May 12, our Wednesday night groups are heading out again! Meet us at the shop by 6pm. The group stays within 1hr drive of us to hit some great spots. It's not a guided trip, but is a great opportunity to learn new spots and meet like minded folks.
For questions, email us or just show up!

So, guess what...I was in Taunton MA on Wednesday, May 12th at 6pm.
I followed a convoy of anglers down to the Cape and spent the evening fishing with a group of the most hospitable strangers I have ever had the pleasure of fishing with.
I manage to hook a decent striper but it came unpinned about 15' from my rod tip.
But, this is to be less a fishing report and more of a "thanks".

After I peeled off my waders at midnight and accepted a beer from John or Jim or Dave (sorry guys names elude me and it was dark) we shot the bull and carried on with tall tales until I pulled out of the parking lot and headed to my hotel. Seldom have I felt as welcome. Thanks guys.

Plug: If you need fishing gear and your local flyshop doesn't have it, consider ordering online or over the phone from Scott and his crew at the Bear's Den . Knowledgeable, hardworking people running a shop stocked with a ton of fine gear.

Bahamas follow up

A 10 out of 10 trip. Nice digs, good food and plenty of it, the best guide I have ever fished with, plenty of bonefish with an average size of 4 pounds, wade and boat fishing...let me sum it up this way: I have wrestled with divulging the lodge, the location and the guide. Part of me wants to tell the whole world because it was that good and I wish them success. The other part of me wants to keep it a secret so I don't have to worry about over crowding or over fishing. So far I haven't uttered a peep. If you are interested in going...let me know, I might tell...