Thursday, February 28, 2013

Little Brother

I called my little brother today to talk to him about some details for our upcoming fall steelhead float on the Deschutes.  We discussed moon phase and float vs jet weekends and a few other pre-pre trip topics.  He mentioned that if I subscribed to Fly Rod & Reel magazine that I might see a picture of him in the Winter 2013 issue.  As I am not a subscriber but seeing as I was heading into the city that night for a dinner out with my family, I stopped by a bookstore and picked up a copy.

At the store I quickly flipped through the pages and then found the little brother photographed from the back, with a leaping steelhead in the background.  Cool shot.  When I got home I opened the rag to have another look and to see what the article (that he was pictured in) was about.  As it turns out, the story is about my brother and his 3 friends and their annual winter steelhead camp.  I skimmed the story and then called my brother..."Hey man are you 'Viking'?".
The writer chose to use the character's nicknames in the story.  My brother, "Yeah that's me....".   he mentioned that he had a pic in the mag but failed to tell me that he played a prominent role in the story.  If you haven't read it, I might suggest you get a copy.

Later in the same conversation he said, "Have you ever read The Drake?".  I had and I told him so.  He asked if I knew the car called "Clyde" featured in the stories, "Ride with Clyde".  Again I had and I told him so.  He said, "I'm driving Clyde to steelhead camp next week".  I said, "huh?...".  He explained the legendary vehicle was taking on a new owner (one of the guys in his winter steelhead camp gang bought it) and he was delivering the car to the new owner at the winter steelhead camp.  All I could say was, "You gotta send me a picture of that..."  And he did.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Vice Time

Playing around with a little deer hair and epoxy...the Gulf of Mexico on my mind.