Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quite a time

Bacon made a stop in the land of Rum and Cheese and called me to float a northern river for smallies. I drove up and crashed at his folks house (Thank you, Bacon's Mom & Dad, for your hospitality) on Saturday night. 4:30 am Sunday morning the river beckoned and we hit the road with Jon Johnson in tow. We launched and I was introduced to one of the most beautiful rivers I have ever floated. Small mouth, and pike were landed. I managed to blow two of the larger smallmouth I'd ever hooked and lost a pike on a clean cut take. On one occasion Bacon had a smallie shark his fly and miss. A carp started to track the fly and before he could accept or refuse it, a pike cut the leader. Talk about a multi-species adventure. We camped out at DP's place on Sunday night and tied a few flies. Between DP and Bacon I saw a few new patterns that hold future promise in my arsenal. Monday am, after a stop for breakfast we launched DP's boat and spent the morning trying to work up a few bass. The fishing was a bit spotty, but everybody managed a few on poppers. I was able to corral an 18" smallie just prior to my noon departure. It deserves mention that Bacon hooked a fish at the same time and the his fish peeled line off and stayed never intended to be seen and never was. For a few chaotic minutes while we both tried to fight our respective fish, I was happy to be in DP's boat. I think somebody would've gotten wet if we tried that chinese firedrill in Jon Johnson. I left the two of them to fish the rest of the afternoon and made the trek back to the homefront. An excellent fishing trip made all the better by two guys who know the game well.

Jon Johnson - Battle ready

Bacon and quarry

18" before the final buzzer

Local lake visited

On 7/16 T-Don and I visited a local lake. I was amazed how high the water was. The Hmong put a dent in the white bass while we waded cheek deep and managed a walleye and a catfish on streamers.


At least somebody was getting it done out there.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

High water trout.

I fished a small creek (western part of the state) since the rest of the area was blown out due to high water. Dries were out of the question, but a small beadhead dropper turned the trick on a dozen browns. This crick (to remain unnamed) is averages about 8' wide and it is a virtual trout factory. Thanks Ron.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

River Small Mouth...tough to beat.

Brought to you courtesy of Brother Bill and T-Don. (A lethal duo even if they weren't related)
You can check out a few photos of this trip at Brother Bills Gallery

Monday, July 7, 2008

Back Home

Headed back to Northern MN for the 4th. Caught a few walleyes on hex's, hung some lakers on the down riggers, and attempted to catch a few more lake trout at the mouth of a river that flows into Lake Superior. My bro K and I strung up the rods and tied on our streamers only to met by warmwater species. Actually I got blanked, but K landed two smallmouth and a very nice pike. Considering the surface temp of the greatest of great lakes was only 48 degrees, it didn't make a lot of sense.

Hex'n Walleyes

...nice pike

Fish on.

Fish in...