Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nothing...then something.

It's about 98 below zero outside. I can hear the wind howling on the other side of my window just like in the cartoons. I have had no real fishing news to report for weeks and weeks and weeks.

Until now.

Saturday is opener. The "Early Season" as we have come to know it can be a blessing and a curse.
I'll be out of the house after a long winter.... "After a long winter" suggest that its done, although this year we are still about 3 feet deep in the throes of it. I expect to go anyway. I'll wonder after the 5th or 6th cast if Pam cooking spray applied to my line the night before might have helped with the iced up guides. I'll loathe having to fish nymphs when what I need is a glowing hatch of BWO's. I'll think back on the wading boots in the Dan Bailey's catalog (that didn't have felt bottoms) and wonder as I stand 6'7" on two precariously shaped snowballs, if they come in EE widths.

In other news...

I'm going to the Bahamas in April. My Bride and I have decided, after 4 years of taking kids with us EVERY WHERE WE GO, to leave them behind and take a vacation. So, as we were discussing where to go, she said "Sun" and I said "hmmmmmm" and she said "Beach" and again I said "hmmmmmm" and she said "Jamaica" and I thought about every website, book, magazine and lecture I had ever read or attended and whether they had ever mentioned "Jamaica" and "Bonefish" in the same sentence. And I said "Bahamas". And then I mumbled "bonefish". And she just looked at me. Incredulous? No that was pure disdain. So I asked her to join me on the flats for a day of bonefishing.

And, she said yes!

She said YES!

I think I'm in love.