Monday, June 25, 2007

Big River (revisited)

Sunday morning (6/23/07) bright and early. I opted for a solo mission. Clear my head. Shoot some line. Pound some structure. Jack some bronzebacks. Mission accomplished. Flow was around 2000cfs which meant easy wading, lots of exposed structure and hell on my prop. I picked up a few smallmouth here and there and then found a slot behind a log where I methodically apprehended a number (I lost count but I'd estimate the total at 20)of fish. One right after another. They seemed to be interested in a black and white bucktail that I was swinging.

Father and Son

John and his son Ryan passing the evening hours on a local waterway.
John sent me the attached pictures and I thought they deserved a home on "Snake Guides"

Big River

6/17/07 A day on the 'sconny with John. We banged a few smallmouth and floated the boat.
Tip: cast to the crashing baitfish near shore.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Large Mouth Bass

My friend Tim and I have been getting up and going fishing at the local lakes around 4:30 am for the past few weeks. The carp have finished spawning as have the bluegills. The Largemouth Bass are still present, and we decided this Saturday to wail on a few. We also asked another neighbor of ours (also named Eric) to join us. We pulled down some coffee and rigged up for some early mornin' bassin'. All was slow for the first 30 minutes. Then the bass started to crash baitfish and we were able to horse a number of fish in. Among those was this fish (read Hawg) that Eric fooled with a top water plug:

Friday, June 1, 2007

Time for a new post

Haven't posted for a while. Sorry, but see the date on the previous post?4/9/07. My wife and I added a daughter on 4/10/07. I stopped working at my previous place of employment on 5/17/07. I started a new rock wall in the back yard and I have been catching Bluegills the size of garbage can lids on a lake near here. Busy busy busy. I thought that my activities this morning deserved a post so here goes: 5:30 am on another lake near here. A lake with sand flats and easy wading. The carp met me at the shore promptly, as we'd discussed. Hundreds of them, cruising, eating, mating in their deviant 5 fish orgies. Before I continue with the carp, has anyone ever seen largemouth sipping midges in 12" of water. I have. At 5:30 this morning. I'm going to go back with a 5 wt rigged up with a size 14 parachute adams and clean up. The Carp...well, I caught 2 and missed 2. They were everywhere.
I pitched a size 12 rubber legged, peacock hurled nymph into a calm spot behind a point and Blammo! These are not small fish. I think 15-20 pounds on this guy... Carp, sand flats, bead chain eye nymphs and not a soul around...heaven?