Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 1 of 2011

I headed out to my home water today for the first angling of the 2011 trout season.  On the water by 1:30 after a late start due to a big ass omelet that I decided to build, daylight savings time and a stop at the fly shop for a new WF 4 F.  I dredged nymphs for about 2.5 hours with only one touch...I wasn't really working it too hard since all the"spots" were being attended to by other anglers and I was left with the scraps.  I decided to quit screwing around, cut my leader back to 1x tied on a fresh tippet of 3x, clamped a few shot on and started to swing a big ugly black fly that I had tied last fall for steelhead.  15 minutes in, with full sun overhead, a big fish came out from cover and crushed it.  10 minutes later a second fish did the same.  The first taped at 20" and the second taped at 18".  When I got home my wife asked me how I did.  "I got two", I replied.  "Only two?", she asked.  "Yep, only two."