Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back to the crick.

With trout season winding down, I thought it necessary to hit the crick for an afternoon to see how the browns weathered the summer. JP joined me for a leisurely fish on BEC. I took my 7'6" Schroeder 4 wt, because it seemed the appropriate tool for the day, and an appropriate tool for the my target species (and because, with all the SMB fishing on the big W this year I haven't had a chance to fish much cane).
Well the gods were smiling; The fish were up, eating whatever stage of the baetis hatch that drifted by. Obviously you can dredge nymphs with just about any rod, but when you have a bamboo rod in hand, it's so much more enjoyable to flick dries and emergers.
So I did.
I won't talk about the size of the fish because A. I didn't measure any of them, and B. I know that only one of the browns I fooled was over 10". BUT, the day was dry, the fish were rising and the company was good. Quite honestly, I was just happy to be back on the crick one last time before the season closed.

On second thought, a 20" brown would have made a better story... year.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


This blog is really about me spewing angling non-sense...But, since these are two of the biggest reason I don't fish as much as I used to, I thought I'd give them an opportunity to plead their case. If and when you care to...spawn with purpose.

Checkin' in.

K sent me this pic that T-mos snapped whilst we were on the Nipigon.
Since content and updates have been slow in coming around here as of late, I just wanted to let anybody who pokes their head in to know that I am not dead. Just newly employed with a wife and two kids, one of whom is cutting her first teeth. (Not a pleasant experience for anyone involved I assure you.) If any of you get a moment, K has put down a few of his thoughts HERE.
Book mark it and hang on. He has been known to have some good ideas and should he decide to share them with you....well... just check out his blog.

K & E sinking, swinging and seeking auspice.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


That's my daughter Cam with her Grandpa Dale (My wife's Dad). Last weekend Cam joined Grandpa in the boat to watch him pick his herring nets. In the background you can see Dale's house which is built on the plot that his grandpa Chris purchased in 1906. If my math is correct I witnessed the 5th generation of herring fishing on this particular slice of Lake Superior's North Shore.

Equally fascinating to me is the fact that my grandfather logged the forest around this area. I wonder if these old time loggers and fisherman ever crossed paths...


For more information on the local fishing history please stop by The North Shore Commercial Fishing Museum in Tofte MN.