Friday, October 15, 2010

Rendezvous 2010

This is bound to be a multi-post report since I suspect I will add more pics as I get them from other attendees.

An interesting event the 2010 Rondy...given that it was originally slotted as a two man assault and further that it was planned for a Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, it's amazing that the head count reached 10.  This event seems to occur (by this name at least) whenever the hell we can manage it.  It'd be great to say we pull it of annually, though we don't.  It happens on the banks of a particular (hallowed) river whose name you either already know or won't find out by reading further.  We welcomed some new faces and enjoyed the company of the returning core.  The weather was stunning (though not necessarily for steelheading), the beer was cold and the food was 5 star.  Special thanks to those who opened their hearts and coolers to others and a heartfelt shout out to my Bro K for hosting yet another EXQUISITE wild game feed featuring the best damn cut of meat I have ever eaten (to give you some perspective, it was venison, a beast about whose flesh I don't usually rave).
It's difficult to explain how this crew of anglers only managed to land 3 steelhead over the duration of the Rondy, whilst still feeling like they had a fair shake and real opportunity.  This humble reporter is not too proud to show his scorecard of 0-3 including two breakoffs on hot chrome.  The fact is, there were fish in the river and most of us managed to tangle (if even for a moment) with one or more.  The Rondy Cup, if there were such a prize, would have to go to returning veteran Brother B for his landing of 2 in one day.  His sib T managed the 3rd fish in the family trifecta which is documented on film below.  Returning angler JP connected with two wild fish, My brother K bumped a few (no surprise) and a new face, AK connected with a leaper for a few wild seconds as well.
I feel inclined to thank all who attended for playing nice and making the days on river and in camp another sweet memory to add to the stack.   For two nights of camping bliss on the well worn cushions of his 1970 something Transvan and for letting me skip the steps of set-up and tear down of my own tent I owe a thanks to my longtime friend Mr MJHM.
Not to belabor my gratitude, but I shan't forget to thank T for showing this 20 year fly rod angler a thing or two about swingin' for steel and also to JP for a nice road trip home as passenger.

From conspiracy theories to brownies made from "special" ingredients (black beans if you must know),  from the Birch to May's, we covered a lot of ground and covered a lot of water.    Thanks all.

And now, let's groove to the smooth sounds of AC-DC.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010