Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The LMB's are in the shallows

I took the 7 wt out for carp recently and found that they were replaced by large mouth bass.
So, I caught them instead.

The T-shirts are in...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Stripers and Flyshops

I was in New England again this week. Mass and RI specifically. I have a few things to report:

I found what may be the coolest fly shop I've been in. It ranks right up there with Craig Mathew's place in West Yellowstone (see Blue Ribbon Flies), the joint I wandered into is the Bears Den Fly Fishing Company. I've been looking for a good box for hauling my streamers and saltwater flies yet will still fit in my Simms waterproof waist pack...enter the Bears Den Logo Fly Case: Erie! All this for $12.99. Good stuff. I told Scott, the owner, I was going to broadcast this to all my chums, so if you are looking for a nice inexpensive box for bass poppers, streamers, pike flies, saltwater flies etc. Look no further.

I also manged to get on the water. I packed my waders, 10 wt, a box of flies, my stripping basket and some leader I was eager to try the striper fishing out. I checked out Middletown RI's 2nd and 3rd beaches on Wednesday night, but there was no activity, fish or fishermen. I moved down to Matunuck Beach RI on Thursday evening and found a handful of shorecasters who offered me some advice and gave my flyline some room. Nobody caught a damn thing. But, I went. And I'll go again. I worked on my striper strip, fished in some serious surf on a rising tide and breathed fresh Atlantic salt air. Not a bad gig after a day of work.

On a side note, my stripping basket worked pretty well. If you ever fished in surf or even on a wave washed lake shore, you should build one of these. They sell for $50 at Orvis and LL Bean, but I made mine for under $10. I've attached some pics below.