Monday, April 10, 2017

Bahamas...Day 2

Coming off the high of a banner first day, I woke early, showered and headed to the main room for breakfast. 

The new guys had arrived last night.   Two sets of fishing buddies who got jammed in the same flight delays we narrowly escaped.  Two of the guys were missing critical gear so everybody rallied to provide flies, rods, sunscreen and whatever else they needed to get a day on the water.

CA and I rolled out with Greg again today and soon found out that there would not be a fish on the first cast...or the second. 

The wind had kicked up and the tide was coming in hot.  Luckily we had good light so we could easily see the fish that were spooking or refusing our offerings.  There were not any 20' eats this day.

We fished hard and Greg guided hard.  When it was all over CA and I managed to land a few fish.  We might have been a little bummed except that we had 4 days to go with a REALLY good day already under our belt. 

After dinner CA tried to bring a few sharks in off the dock, even they refused to show.

It was a great lesson in expectations.  A lesson that needs to be re-visited periodically.
The fish don't care how far you've traveled or how much you paid for your airline tickets.
Either does the weather.

Hope for hard working guides and a good cook at the lodge and then don't be stingy with tips  Pray the other guests are decent human beings worth sharing a beer with.  Practice your casting into 20 knot winds and then practice some more in 30 knot winds.  Bring a good rain jacket and rain pants. 

Finally, bring a good book preferably about people who are truly having a shitty day, just to keep things in perspective.

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