Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bahamas...Day 3

Day three in pictoral format...

Sunrise...time to start getting serious

This little lizard opted to spend the night somewhere warm.

The customized push pole ends to keep things q u i e t....
I kept an eye out for bird life but there wasn't much on the flats...

This is exactly what I went to see...nothing like a shallow water bonefish!

CA cocked and loaded.

The drill was, when a fish was hooked, I grabbed my camera...

...If it was my fish, CA removed the hook and released so I could shoot.

snappers in the mangroves at one of our lunch spots

want to know why they are so damn fast?

Look at the water that tail moves!

Starting to settle down after a long run...or two.

Bonefish, post release, heading into my contrail.

Green gold and silver

The boys starting a shark frenzy after a day on the flats.

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